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“What a crowning achievement for one of the city’s top leasing brokers. Leasing NYC is an insightful and pragmatic guide and I would strongly recommend it to anyone looking to lease office space in Manhattan.- Steven Spinola, President of The Real Estate Board of New York
Disguised as a coffee table book, Lorberbaum has written a definitive guidebook on leasing office space in Manhattan.  By crystallizing the fine points of leasing that he has learned over 30 years Lorberbaum has created as much a text book for young brokers as a guide for executives tasked with leading a space search” – Lois Weiss, New York Post
“The book is spectacular – the language is concise and the descriptions were perfect, on point and brilliantly executed…I can’t imagine a young person coming into the business who should not read it. I wish it was there when I started.”Mark Weiss Vice Chairman of Newmark Grubb Knight Frank


“The book is clear and appealing…Chapter take-aways are very helpful.  Photographs are beautiful.”  - NAREE Juror’s comment regarding Leasing NYC being awarded a Robert Bruss Real Estate Silver Medal


“You cover all the important points very clearly and intelligently.  The photographs are fantastic.  I can imagine how much time it took you to put this together…I have made this required reading for all the younger brokers in my office.”  - James Wacht, President, Lee & Associates NYC




Demystifying the office leasing process

Demystifying the Office Leasing Process

YOUR OFFICE LEASE IS EXPIRING in the next two years and the clock is ticking. Moving will be very costly, but your current space isn’t quite working. The decisions you make in the coming months will have a lasting impact on your image, your employees, your efficiency, your growth prospects, and your bottom line.

NOW WHAT?  Leasing NYC is the perfect handbook to have by your side. Part compass, part trail guide, it will show you how to find your way to the right space for your company.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Preface: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know
about Leasing Office Space in Manhattan
Section I: First Steps
CHAPTER 1: Before You Do Anything Else, Review Your Current Lease
CHAPTER 2: Getting Started
CASE STUDY: Baron Capital
Section II: Assembling the Team
CHAPTER 3: Hiring the Broker: Roles, Responsibilities, and Impact
CHAPTER 4: Hiring a Real Estate Advisor to Supplement Your Internal Project Team
CHAPTER 5: Hiring the Project Manager
CASE STUDY: Fir Tree Partners
CHAPTER 6: Hiring the Architect
CHAPTER 7: Hiring the Attorney
CHAPTER 8: Hiring the Engineer
CASE STUDY: Third Avenue Management
CHAPTER 9: Hiring the Contractor
Section III: Office Space Procurement
CHAPTER 10: The Architectural Process: Size Matters
CHAPTER 11: Commencing Your Space Search and Defining Parameters
CHAPTER 12: Selection Criteria: Using a Weighted- Average Matrix
CASE STUDY: Kensington Publishing
CHAPTER 13: Space Selection Process
Section IV: Transaction Execution
CHAPTER 14: The Negotiation Process and Preliminary Financial Analysis of Alternatives
CASE STUDY: Gernstein Fisher
CHAPTER 15: Negotiating Your Office Lease
CHAPTER 16: Understanding the Tax Implications of Your Lease
CASE STUDY: Chantelle
CHAPTER 17: Building Your Office Space
CASE STUDY: Interventure
CHAPTER 18: Information Technology and Telecommunications
CHAPTER 19: Furnishing Your Office Space
CHAPTER 20: The Move
CASE STUDY: Winged Keel Group
CHAPTER 21: The Aftermath: Establishing Oversight of Your Facilities
Chapter Takeaways
Definitions of the Economic Aspects of an Office Leasing Transaction

Real tools execute real success

Real Tools Execute Real Success

In-depth project planning, budgeting, and execution advice, including comparative financial analysis, sample project budgets and schedules, in addition to money saving insider tips.


Assembling the project team

Assembling the Project Team

Learn how teams outperform individuals. Know who to involve in the process and what necessary role they fill.


Make better, more informed decisions

Make Better, More Informed Decisions

An introduction to the author’s own inverse selection methodology.  Learn how to find the right candidate properties and make sound decisions based on finding the right fit, not on emotions or desperation.


Inspired space creates a Positive Work Culture

Inspired Space Creates a Positive Work Culture

Elegant case studies photographed in full color that capture the best of leasing gone right.  All nine spaces featured in the case studies were brokered by Lorberbaum and represent the beauty created by some of New York’s most prestigious firms.


Author/Gregg Lorberbaum

Author/Gregg Lorberbaum

In addition to authoring Leasing NYC, Gregg is one of the pioneers to the Project Management Approach to Tenant Representation Brokerage.

During his nearly 30-year career, he has developed a reputation as a principled and savvy negotiator, which has earned him noteworthy client loyalty.

Prior to founding Centric Real Estate Advisors, Gregg was a founding and Managing Principal of Staubach’s New York Office, where for 10 years, he oversaw the corporate brokerage activities and consulting department.

Gregg is also a strategic coach to several Real Estate Technology Start-ups and Brokerage Companies and is a General Partner in Work House, a newly developed Executive Suite Concept.


A visual love letter to Manhattan

A Visual Love Letter to Manhattan

As the author’s gift to the readers, preeminent architectural photographer, Adrian Wilson was commissioned to photograph the case studies and to capture the beauty of New York’s architecture.  Combined, Adrian’s photographs make the book as visually stunning as it is informative.


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